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Joshua Led
Table Lamps
Material: ACRYLIC
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500,00 €
Height 47,5 cm
Diameter 27,5 cm
Weight 1545 gr


The lamp is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery. In order to prevent the battery from overheating, the product should not be exposed to excessive heat such as hot surfaces and direct sunlight. Do not immerse in water or other liquids.

Product maintenance: when cleaning the product, ensure that it is not charging. Clean the product using a soft, damp cloth soaked in soap or diluted neutral liquid detergent.

Do not use ethanol or detergents that contain any acetone, trichloroethylene, ammonia, or solvents in general.

Read the instructions carefully to ensure that the appliance is used safely and, if necessary, keep hold of them. Do not shield the product with items that could prevent it from functioning correctly. When installing or using the lamp, ensure that it is not charging. lf the cable becomes damaged, it must be replaced with an identical replacement part. MARIOLUCAGIUSTI accepts no responsibility for damage to Items or persons resulting from incorrect use of the product. The warranty does not cover any type of support or repairs to the product or parts that have been damaged as a result of the misuse of the product. Any incorrect use of the product will void the warranty.


Plug the micro-USB into the socket on the base of the lamp and the other end into the power pack, then connect to a power socket.

The battery will need around 4 hours to fully charge. When fully charged, the battery will provide around 5 hours of power.

Charge the battery in a dry environment. When the battery has finished charging, tightly close the connector cover on the base to guarantee protection from dust and water.


To turn the lamp on or off, simply touch the ON/OFF switch located on the base on the opposite side from the micro-USB socket.

The first time the lamp is on, it will switch on to the pre-set minimum light. After turning on the lamp, the dimming function with a second prolonged touch and if maintained, will go up to the maximum light. With a second long touch the lamp will decrease the brightness down to the minimum. To get the desired amount of light, just stop the prolonged touch at the right time.


Use Instruction for Acrylic product

• tested food approved by TÜV, SGS, Intertek
• absolutely tasteless and odorless
• BPA free
• not unbreakable
• temperature resistant from -10°C to 50°C
• freezable
• hand wash recommend to extend product lift
• no dryer may be used
• not for microwave
• alcohol resistant, < 2 hours
• not for aniseed drinks
• not for strong alcohol, as whisky....etc
• only use detergent with pH-value 3 < pH < 7, not for strong alkalinedetergent
• do not use benzene, alcohol, ester or organic solvents for cleaning products
• do not use abrasive materials for cleaning

The following may discolour the product or make them cloudy in the long run:
• Keeping the glasses for a prolonged period of time at high temperatures and high humidity
• Incorrect dosage of detergent
• Use of detergent containing aluminum or metal protection.
• Dairy products, coffee, cocoa, tea, and other beverages may leave a rim on the glass if you leave it overnight. Wash the glass in hot soapy water shortly after use, hand wash or use our cleaning product, Renovate Powder, regularly.
• Use of anise-based drinks (such as Pernod, Ricard, Raki or Ouzo).
• Use of beverages with a high ester content. Esters are a natural product often found in e.g. herbal teas.

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